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"Still fish in the head" - Soft dry food with fish

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We use fish as the only source of animal protein for our dry food. For this reason, the food is perfect for allergy sufferers and dogs with sensitive stomachs. Fish not only strengthens the immune system, but can also support brain function. Essential fatty acids can make an important contribution to a healthy, shiny coat and dandruff-free skin.

MUCH FISH - why?
Fish is not only an important source of protein, but also rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Fish is also an important supplier of valuable nutrients and vitamins. The polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in fish are not only incredibly healthy, they can also serve as protection against inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

All advantages at a glance:
✔️ Perfect for allergy sufferers: fish as the only animal protein source
✔️ High tolerability: easily digestible, low output, no more stomach ache
✔️ High acceptance thanks to its soft consistency: even fussy dogs like to eat it With whole fish: All parts of the fish are used.
✔️ Complete food for dogs over 12 months

With the purchase, you not only do good for your own dogs, but also help animals in need at the same time.
With every product sold, Tales & Tails donates to animal welfare projects.

This food is perfect for you if you:
✔️ have dogs with allergies and intolerances that hardly tolerate conventional dog food or not at all
✔️ have fussy dogs that normally eat their food do not like to eat
✔️ pay attention to the origin and sustainability of the raw materials
✔️ ask for food with the highest possible protein content

Feeding recommendation:
The recommended amount of food refers to the total daily ration. This information is a guide. Individual needs depend on factors such as age, breed, activity levels and housing conditions. With increased activity, please increase the amount of food accordingly. Drinking is important! Please always provide fresh water.

2.5 to 5.0kg: 60 to 100g
7.5 to 10.0kg: 135 to 165g
12.5 to 15.0kg: 195 to 225g 17.5 to 20.0 kg: 255 to 280 g
22.5 to 25.0 kg: 305 to 330 g
30.0 to 35 kg: 380 to 425 g
40.0 up to 45.0 kg: 470 to 515 g
50.0 to 60.0 kg: 555 to 640 g
70.0 to 80.0 kg: 715 to 790 g
90.0 to 100 .0 kg: 865 to 935 g

trout (30%), herring (20%), salmon (dried, 10%), parsnip (dried, 10%), cassava (dried, 10%), Chickpeas (dried, 6%), peas (dried, 5.5%), salmon oil (2.5%), protein hydrolyzate (from herring, 1.5%), psyllium husk (0.16%), chicory (dried), Seaweed (dried, 0.15%), blueberries (dried), carrots (dried).

Analytical components:
Protein (23.5%), fat content (13.0%), moisture (18%), crude fiber (2.0%), crude ash (7.9 %), Omega 3 (1.4%), Omega 6 (1.0%)

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin A (12000 IU), vitamin D3 (1200 IU), vitamin E (70mg), vitamin C (70mg). Vitamin B1 (70mg), biotin 250uG;VIT.C (60mg), zinc - as zinc oxide (70mg), iodine - as calcium iodate anhydrous (0.2mg), selenium - as sodium selenite (0.2mg), copper - as copper 2 - Sulfate - pentahydrate (10mg)Minerals:Calcium: 1.6% / Phosphorus: 1.0%

Production of the dry food:
When producing our dry food, we use a particularly gentle manufacturing process so that important nutrients and vitamins are retained. During the manufacturing process (extrusion process) a temperature of 90°C occurs. The manufacturing process enables a high proportion of fish, which is only added at the very end, so that it is only heated for a very short time and important nutrients are retained. Altogether there are 60% fish in the recipe, the 60% can be found in the individual croquettes.
As a rule, conventional dry food usually has a maximum moisture content of 10%, ours has 18%. Due to the higher moisture, the kibble is juicier and at the same time tastier, so that our soft dry food is preferred even by fussy dogs. Thanks to high-quality ingredients, the feed is wholesome and easy to digest.