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"Cod Starten" - wet food for dogs

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✔️ Fish as the only source of protein: Monoprotein sources are perfect for dogs with allergies and intolerances - even on exclusion diets
✔️ High level of acceptance: Wrinkling your nose is a thing of the past - even fussy dogs love this food
✔️ The perfect companion for our feeding tube : Excellent for filling. Selling as a set is the ideal means of customer loyalty
✔️ Purchase incentive and spontaneous or impulse purchase: through modern marketing and an appealing design
✔️ Practical packaging: the stand-up pouch saves space

All advantages at a glance:

✔️ Perfect for allergy sufferers: Monoprotein source
✔️ High-quality single feed 100% fish pâté as a snack between meals
✔️ Naturally grain and sugar-free: suitable for sensitive eaters
✔️ With omega 3 and 6 fatty acids: ability contribute to a shiny coat and healthy, flake-free skin
✔️ Perfect as a filling for the feeding tube
✔️ No animal testing: No animal testing is carried out for our food
✔️ 1 bag = 1 donation for animal welfare projects: With the purchase of each bag automatically do good
✔️ Made in Iceland
✔️ Feed materials.

Note single feed:
Single feed is feed that consists of only one relevant ingredient. In contrast to compound feed, they mainly consist of a single ingredient. The balance of the food can be achieved in a mix with a supplementary food.
Our wet food consisting of 100% fish is particularly suitable for dogs with food allergies or food intolerance.

We source our fish from Iceland. Iceland is known for a lot of nature, clear waters, clean air and green pastures. Our fish comes from local fishermen and is processed fresh every day.

✔️ No animal testing
✔️ Fresh taste without bones, but rich in omega-3 fatty acids
✔️ Wonderful for sensitive eaters and gourmets suitable
✔️ P perfect for allergy sufferers and exclusion diets.

We don't want to make your customers' dogs happy with our treats, we want to help animals in need at the same time. That's why we support animal welfare projects with every product we sell. So your customer not only buys wet food for his dog, but also automatically does something good at the same time.

Ingredients: 100% cod
✔️Grain free
✔️ Sugar free
✔️ Made in Iceland

Composition: 100% cod, vegetable binder.

Analytical components:
Crude protein 10.8%
Fat content 1.7%
Crude fiber 1.3%
Crude ash 3.7%
Moisture 62, 0%

Carbohydrates: 8.8%

Best before: see label on the back.
Storage instructions: Store at room temperature.

Feeding recommendation per day:
2-5 kg: 85-210g
5-10 kg: 210 -340g
10-20 kg: 350 - 550g
20 - 30kg: 550 - 700g
30 - 40kg: 700 - 850g
40 - 50kg: 850 - 950g