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Premium dog food "Puppy menu with lamb"

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Our puppy menus are tailored to the needs of the puppies.
That means: In the first months of life, the puppy organism develops growth diseases and intolerances.

The supply of minerals and vitamins is therefore particularly important during this time . These are precisely tailored to the needs of the puppies.

55% lamb muscle meat, 20% vegetables, 20% pearl barley, 5% drinking water with red algae (vegetable binding agent)

Pearl barley contain a lot of vitamins and minerals , which are optimally utilized as carbohydrates in the dog's organism.
Otherwise, only fresh muscle meat of the best food quality from animal-friendly animal husbandry by small farmers in the region is processed in the.
The vegetables are crunchy and rich in vitamins.
This food contains all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements in their natural
No animal by-products are used.
Free from artificial additives such as preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorings, etc.
All products are regularly quality-tested in certified institutes.

complete feed

crude protein 9.9% - crude fat 2.6% - crude fiber <0.5% - crude ash 0.6% - water 84.7%

Calcium and iodine are supplemented as needed.
All values ​​are subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products.
For batch and best before date see bottom label

Feeding recommendation:
FEEDING RECOMMENDATION PER DAY for puppies and young dogs in growth spread over 3 - 4 meals
1 kg - 5 kg body weight up to 100 g per kg body weight
5 kg - 10 kg body weight up to 80 g per kg body weight
over 10 kg body weight up to 60 g per kg body weight

1 - 2 meals can be replaced with dry food no. 2 duck, ideally mixed with the jelly.
THESE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE VERY DEPENDENT ON YOUR DOG'S LIVING CONDITIONS (weeks of life, breed, metabolism, exercise and season).
Regular weight checks and a growth curve from the vet are recommended.