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Premium dog food "Menu chicken with vegetables"

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100% food grade


70% chicken muscle meat, 25% vegetables, 5% drinking water and red algae (vegetable binding agent) cooked in vegetable broth.

We only process chickens of the best food quality.
The vegetables are fresh from the market from controlled cultivation.
Our food contains all vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a natural composition. We do not use any animal by-products.
Free from artificial additives such as preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorings etc.
All products are regularly quality-tested in certified institutes.

supplementary feed


Crude protein 12.7% - crude fat 0.84% ​​- crude fiber < 0.5% - crude ash 1.3% - water 86.4%

Calcium and iodine are supplemented as required.
All values ​​are subject to the usual fluctuations for natural products.
For batch and best before date, see bottom label

Feeding Instructions:

This product is also ideal for nutritionally sensitive dogs.

PANCREAS and PURINARM (see below). Mix in carbohydrates as you like. Approx. 50 - 60% meat 20 - 25% vegetables 30% carbohydrates e.g. meat with vegetables, potato flakes, dry rice or muesli (soak with water) PLUS: Power for Dogs! (vitamin preparation) is necessary with supplementary feed to ensure a balanced vitamin and mineral content. If you want to replace a meal with dry food, we recommend our 2 varieties SENSITIVE NO. 1 LAMB or HIGH SENSITIVE NO. 2 DUCK (see packaging for feeding instructions) TIP: tap the side of the lid briefly to make it easier to open the jar. PANCREAS: In addition to chicken, beef, rabbit and horse are also suitable for pancreas because they are all low in fat. LOW-PURINE: In addition to chicken, rabbit and lamb are also ideal for a low-purine diet. In this case, we recommend pureeing the meat