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horse pure meat

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Pure horse meat - a feast not only but especially for allergy sufferers and those with food sensitivities

Our wet food category is being expanded, but not with variants of the existing meat varieties, but with a completely new one - the Pure Horse variety. With 100% muscle meat from the single protein source horse, this new horse feed supplement is an alternative, especially suitable for allergy sufferers and dogs that are sensitive to feeding. Simply enrich with vegetables (e.g. the LILA LOVES IT VEGGIE BOWL) and LILA LOVES IT oils and whatever else is good for your four-legged friend and the wholesome, hypoallergenic feast is ready.

For B.A.R.Fer: The pure meat horse is not raw but cooked - but it is also suitable as a B.A.R.F. Alternative for on the go.

  • 100% muscle meat from local horses
  • Supplementary feed for dogs of all ages
  • highly digestible single protein
  • suitable for allergy sufferers and dogs with feeding sensitivities
  • ideal for elimination diets
  • free of any additives
  • for mixing with vegetables and additives
  • BARF alternative for on the go

The pure meat horse feed is a supplementary feed and even in combination with the VEGGIE BOWLs the complete vitamin and mineral balance is not yet covered. These must be calculated and added to the rations. We therefore recommend advice and ration calculation from a LILA LOVES IT nutritionist.

Complementary feed for dogs

Composition: 100% Horse (Lean Meat)

Analytical components: Crude protein: 13.76%, crude fat: 3.64%, crude ash: 0.66%, crude fibre: 1.73%, moisture: 79.82%