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Game with parsnip

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A menu like a walk through nature: Meat and offal from game meet juicy pears, spicy cranberries, rose hips rich in vitamin C and dried dandelion. Together with parsnip roots and celeriac, this creates a delicious, grain-free food for your four-legged companion.

The high-quality hemp oil it contains provides an extra portion of essential fatty acids – with a very good ratio between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Powdered eggshell serves as a natural source of calcium, while valuable Irish knotweed from the Atlantic guarantees a sufficient supply of iodine.

Are you wondering why organic game is not used on this menu? This is because it comes from wild roe deer and deer - and according to the EU organic regulation, such meat can never be "organic". We ourselves find: from an ethical point of view, meat from wild animals is the ideal solution. That's why it's better not to be organic, but from animals that have led a species-appropriate life.

Complete feed for adult dogs.

53% game (62% muscle meat, 25% heart, 10% lung, 3% liver), 15% parsnip*, 6% celery* , 3% pear*, 2% lingonberries*, 1% rose hips*, 1% minerals, 1% hemp oil*, 0.2% eggshell*, 0.1% dried dandelion*, 0.1% seaweed* (knotweed)< br>(*from certified organic production; total share 28.4%); DE-ÖKO-006

Analytical components:
Crude protein: 10.5%, crude fat: 5.8%, crude ash: 1.7%, crude fibre: 1.4%, moisture : 76%

Nutritional additives/kg:
Vit.A 2,200 IU, Vit.D3 180 IU, copper (copper(II) sulfate, pentahydrate) 1.6 mg, manganese (manganese(II) oxide) 0.90 mg, zinc (zinc sulfate monohydrate) 15 mg, selenium (sodium selenite) 0.07 mg