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Horse-pumpkin dog biscuit baking mix

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Baking fun at home and really knowing what's inside!

Makes 250 grams of biscuits - shelf life 6 months

Whether as a gift or for yourself at home, really know what's inside. Quick and easy to prepare, the hearty biscuits taste incredibly delicious of carrots and beetroot and are also real protein packages.

Refine the finished dough with apples, pears, cheese or whatever else your dog's heart desires. Simply work into the finished mass and then spread into the baking mat or form biscuits as described. If the dough is too firm, simply add water or some yoghurt.

This baking mix contains guaranteed natural ingredients and is wheat and gluten free. Pre-cooked, hearty horse muscle meat from the Gumprecht butcher (Vienna) is the first thing you smell when you open the bottle. . The "Do it yourself" treat pumpkin, which is also very easy to digest, and the main ingredient - high-quality flaxseed flour from our trusted organic farmer in Upper Austria.

You can share pumpkin seeds with your dog with a clear conscience. Because the small seeds contain valuable and high-quality vital substances and minerals such as. Vitamins (A, C, E, B), selenium, iron, zinc and magnesium. These actively promote and support the immune system and thus have a positive effect on the dog's organism.

Tomatoes, when cooked or baked as in this case, also provide many vitamins and minerals.

But how does the hemp get into the baking mix?

Dogoria mixes in a hemp press cake, which they also obtain from organic farmers in Upper Austria. The hemp in this baking mix is ​​of course THC-free and is by no means intoxicating. Hemp provides extremely rich and easily digestible protein and at least 8 amino acids, as well as vitamins B and E, as well as minerals and fiber. The rarely occurring gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) works fantastically against skin and inflammation complaints, counteracts arthritis and lets the dog's coat really shine.

Hemp supports:
increased vitality
reduces stress
strengthens the immune system
Muscle building
Against itchy skin rashes

Best before: at least 6 months.
Supplementary feed for dogs.

Organic linseed flour (36.4%), organic hemp (18.2%), Austrian horse muscle meat (18.2%), pumpkin (18.2%), pumpkin seeds (6.1% ), tomatoes (3%).

Analytical components
Crude protein 34.6%, crude fat 14.6%, crude ash 5.5%, crude fiber 11.7%, 0% THC